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About Us

Our Mission

We believe...

Technology Is for Everyone

We love restaurants, their suppliers, and the food they provide. We believe that everyone in this industry — regardless of the size of their farm, warehouse, dining room, or bank account — should have access to the latest tools and technology.

Technology Should Be Good for the Bottom Line

The food industry operates on razor thin margins. We believe technology should increase those margins, not add costs.

Clarity Is Key to Good Business

We believe better communication means better business relationships. Clear communication means fewer returned orders, less time spent staring at spreadsheets, and quicker order response times. It’s good for everyone.

Personal Data Is Personal Data

We believe in privacy. Your data and your established relationships should not be used against you. Your prices are just that: yours.

Work Is What You Make It

We believe work should have meaning, and work should be fun. Whether you toil in kitchens, offices, fields, or factories, there is no point showing up for your job if you don’t bring some excitement to it. We bring the excitement. Sometimes we bring too much, but that’s OK.