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  • Demos
    BlueCart - Ordering Made Simple
    BlueCart for Restaurants

    Find out how to place orders, track your order history, and analyze metrics on BlueCart's mobile ordering platform.

    BlueCart for Suppliers

    Learn about how BlueCart can help streamline your distribution operations with online ordering, customized catalogs, invoicing, and more!

  • Restaurant Tutorials
    Inventory Management Overview

    Go paperless with your inventory.

    Budgeting for Restaurants

    Make sure you're always ending the month with more money in your pocket than last month. Stay on top of your spending limits with BlueCart's budgeting tool.

    Step 1: Browse Suppliers

    Grow your supplier network and find the best fit for you with BlueCart's browse supplier feature.

    Step 2: Invite Suppliers

    Keep those shelves stocked! Here's how to invite a supplier and get your order underway in a few simple clicks.

    Step 3:Create Custom Order Guides

    Effortlessly create and personalize your order guides with BlueCart.

    Step 4: Placing a New Order

    Whether you have 1 supplier or 100, BlueCart has your back for fast and easy ordering.

    Step 5: Viewing Your Order History

    BlueCart tracks every dollar you spend, so you don't have to ever worry about losing an order again.

    Step 6: View Analytics

    Learn how to dive deep into data to view your purchasing patterns.

  • Supplier Tutorials
    Getting Started

    Welcome to BlueCart suppliers! Let us help you set up your account and start taking advantage of all the convenient amenities of our app!

    Step 1: My Clients

    Searching for your customer's shouldn't be like searching for your glasses. BlueCart makes searching, sorting, and tracking through your client base a breeze!

    Step 2: My Catalogs

    Did you know you could segregate select items into a catalog and adjust their price points for various customers? Tune in to see how you can edit your catalogs to tailor your clients' needs — and your own!

    Step 3: Editing an Order

    Cut, copy, and paste! Learn how to edit your customers' orders with grace!

    Step 4: Order History

    At BlueCart, we'll never forget a journey you take with us! All the orders ever placed, with detailed information, will be saved in your Order History tab.

    Step 5: Analytics Overview

    Learn how to deeply navigate through your sales report and discover your businesses most essential information.

    Step 6: Exploring Settings

    Notify all of your customers of possible changes to your business, delivery information, or of a minimum purchase requirement all in Settings.

  • Keynote Presentations
    BlueCart @ HX2016

    BlueCart co-founder and CEO Konstantin Zvereff's session from HX: The Hotel Experience in New York on November 12th 2016. What will hotel purchasing look like in 2022? Three industry experts

    BlueCart @ Peas on Moss Podcast

    Konsantin Zvereff, CEO and co-founder of BlueCart, recently met up with Kimberly Schaub of Peas on Moss to talk all things sustainability.

    BlueCart @ Seeds&Chips

    BlueCart's CEO Konstantin Zvereff gives keynote presentation at the Seeds&Chips Food+Tech Conference in Milan, Italy in May 2016.

    BlueCart @ TechBuzz

    BlueCart's CEO Konstantin Zvereff presents at the Mid-Atlantic Venture Association (MAVA) last Spring in 2015.