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BlueCart Certification Program (BCP) & Lecture Series

Tech-savvy students sharpen their competitive advantage using BlueCart’s mobile ordering platform

The best culinary schools in the US prepare students for careers in the food and hospitality industries and is committed to integrating the latest food-technology into their education. The BlueCart Certification Program (BCCP) was a natural fit for their Culinary and Hospitality Management students to educate them on the procurement process and provide them a competitive edge when they enter the workforce.

Here are some schools we have lectured at...

The BlueCart Certification Program

We've partnered with Top Culinary Schools to facilitate the education of the next generation of business-minded foodies to best prepare them for the challenges of the kitchen and the office.

• Students receive personalized on-campus education from our team on the procurement process and how the BlueCart app helps.

• Students will be equipped with the skills to operate and leverage the BlueCart platform in their jobs.

• We want to invest in educating the next generation of food influencers, so we’ll pick up the tab with no cost to you.

This module was spot on when it comes to our program and what our students need to know before joining the labor force.”
- Vin, ICE Instructor

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