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The New Standard for Wholesale Distributors

Manage all your clients and their incoming orders on one easy-to-use platform.
Invite your customers to use BlueCart for free.

We’re here to support every supplier since you are the foundation of the restaurant industry. BlueCart is here to keep you strong.

Customers see a 15% increase in average order size and have 82% fewer orders returned.

CRM & Order Frequency Tracking

Your digital Rolodex: Manage all your clients and their order history on one screen.

Your crystal ball: Get real-time notifications when your clients order frequency changes. Fix problems before they turn into lost accounts.

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Custom Catalogs

Customized Catalogs

Treat every customer like your best customer: Offer personalized pricing and products to every customer.

Total Control: Update one catalog and the changes are automatically reflected in all of them.

E-Commerce Store

Set up shop anywhere: Turn your BlueCart account into your online storefront.

Have current or new customers setup to place orders in seconds.

Top Deals

Top Deals

Offer daily/weekly specials to all your customers and forget spending hours designing and putting together flyers, sending emails, or calling customers one by one.

Instantly notify all your customers take advantage of the deal with a personalized message.

Grow sales by featuring your deals to our buying community.

Lead Gen

Let our network of 20,000+ buyers come to you

Showcase your company in front of our growing buyer network.

Display your name, description, along with your product catalog for prospects to discover (with no pricing of course, that’s confidential).

Instant email notifications when your potential buyers are interested in purchasing products from your catalog.

Lead Gen
Top Deals

Billing & Payment Processing

Create, send, and track invoices for all incoming orders right from your dashboard.
Your entire history on one screen including open, paid and overdue invoices.
Eliminate the errors of manual billing and data entry.
Download your history, print and save as a PDF.
No monthly fees, no termination fees, no hidden fees.
All with the lowest payment transfer rates available:
Credit Card: 2.9% + 25c
Bank Transfer (ACH): 20c flat rate
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Delivery Routes

Optimize Your Delivery Routes: Customize delivery days, order minimums, fees, and cutoff times.

Lower Your Operational Costs: Synchronize your routes to reduce distribution costs and widen your margins.

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  • “I'm a systems guy, and customizing and updating my catalog for different buyers has never been easier.”

    Eric Smucker
    Eric Smucker
    Owner, Smucker Farms

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Setup your catalog.
Invite your buyers.
start receiving orders.
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Still have questions? We've got answers.

  • I have customized pricing for a lot of my clients. Can BlueCart accommodate that?

    Yep. Each of your clients only sees the pricing you've agreed on with them. If you cut special deals with a chef who has given you good business for years, that's literally no one else's business.

  • Can I edit the orders my clients submit?

    Absolutely. You can edit quantities and even add products to an already submitted order. Changes are tracked so that everyone knows who changed what, when. No confusion. No problems.

  • Can I add an order cutoff time?

    But of course. Order cutoffs and delivery dates are completely customizable.

  • Can I add an order minimum for delivery?

    Yes! Minimums, maximums... We can work in whatever you need your customers to know. This is YOUR online orders tool.

  • Who manages my catalog?

    You do. This is YOUR system. We are here (and happy) to help, but you are in charge. We'll handle the boring stuff. You run the ship.

  • Can I add pictures of my products?

    Definitely. Think you've got pretty stuff? Upload away! Specialize in tripe? Maybe keep those pics to yourself...

  • How do I give BlueCart accounts for all my clients, new and old?

    Just send their contact info to We'll get them set up right away. We live to serve. (If my wife is reading this, I also live for you, honey.)

  • How do I communicate with my clients about issues with orders?

    Easy — Messages are real-time and tied to orders. You can add notes to entire orders, or specific products. There's always a clear record of communication so nothing gets lost along the way.