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The New Standard For Sales Reps

Manage all your clients and their incoming orders on one easy-to-use platform

Spend your time making sales, not collecting orders. We eliminate manual data entry and order collection for you. In turn, eliminating errors and increasing accountability.

Meet your New Companion

Want to look through a customer’s order history while you’re sitting in a coffee shop, in traffic, or on a plane? We built this app just for your instant access to your business.

BlueCart Orders

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  • For Sales Reps, what's in it for me?

    BlueCart is the icing on the cake of your next sale. You tell them about all your great products. You assure them you will be there for them no matter what. You show them your track record, and your stellar customer service. And then? You hand them a free app that will allow them to place orders anywhere, anytime, with clear communication, order history, automatically recurring order capability, and even real-time reporting and analytics. They liked you before you had BlueCart? They love you now.

    And with BlueCart, you love them. Now, when they place orders, everything is simple and easy. Communication is crystal clear, and mistakes on both sides are few and far between. You understand their order history like never before, with automatic, real-time data and graphs showing you what they buy, when they buy it, and maybe even why. Upsell when you know they want it. Ease up when they're paring back.

    These are your relationships. We just help you make the most of them.

  • Client communication so good, they’ll want to order from you every day

    With messages tied to orders, your clients get top notch service and you get customer loyalty like never before.

  • Go from introduction to orders in minutes

    Why schedule a follow-up when they should place an order right now. Let the delivery guy follow-up. You’ve got sales to make.

  • Share price lists instantly to close the deal no matter where you are

    Give your buyers instant access to the information they need. They see, they buy, you win.